Friday, November 03, 2006

The day has arrived!

Today was the day i have been waiting for! The day of the employee sale at Joann's! :o)
I also picked up my employee discount card today! it finally arrived! Yea! lol So, this is the fabric i purchased. Unfortunately i did spend more than $20....think dh will notice!? ;o)

This is the jungle babies fabric (cotton left, fleece on right) the fleece i got the other day to make a blanket for Joshua. it is SO cute and soft! i just couldn't pass up the cute jungle animals!!

This is ballerina fabric that was just too cute to pass up! I am not exactly sure what i am going to do with it...but i have a little girl that absolutely loves it!!

Here is the cat fabric. again too cute!! :o)

Just something nice for my stash...

My bird fabric!!

Got this for a future quilt. It was so pretty i just couldn't pass it up! lol


Barb the Evil Genius said...

She who dies with the most fabric wins!

Melzie said...

Oh nice buys :) I esp. like the hearts and leaves and flowers one :) xoxo melzie

Marie N. said...

Oh wow! The bird fabric is stunning – I can’t wait to see what you make with it!

debbie said...

Barb, I am not even close to having as much fabric as you! :oD

Thanks Melzie! I had been admiring fabric all last week trying to decide what to buy. I was hoping that by the time Friday came, the stuff i wanted would still be there! lol

Presbytera said...

I'm kind of partial to the cat fabric myself : ) It would make a great vest.