Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm Back...did ya miss me!?

Lol! We have been off line for a little over a week. I guess that is what happens when you don't/cant pay your phone bill, they cut right to the heart and disconnect your DSL! Actually it has been nice. we had some family interaction and i didn't have to hear the comments on dh's current fav computer game! they drive me NUTS!!!!! lol Of course it wasn't a bother to me because i didn't have any Avon/SU orders to place that week! if it was an order week that would be a different story! lol Online ordering is so much easier and faster!
My job at Joann's is going well! I really like working there. it is much harder work than one would think! I have had some really nice customers and a few not so nice customers! One lady got mad at me because i had never worked with Sherpa before. she got mad and threw a hissy, i went to find my co-worker and this woman followed me and yelled at her and said some rude things....but life goes on... Saturday i had this woman that wanted to cover a hollow plastic box. she didn't want to pay the $6 per yard for the fabric she really she chose something close for $4 per yard. I told her about our mailing list and the coupons she could receive by getting the mailing. she didn't want that, she only wanted the coupons and NOW! she then went out on a search for a customer that had extra coupons! Which to my delight she didn't find any! lol I just happen to be with a new customer when she returned! lol I had warned the other employee about this woman! she was able to be more assertive with this woman and send her on her way!
Unfortunately i am finding great fabric that i just cant live without! even though i am not sure at this point what i am going to do with it! lol One of the fabrics i want to get Friday (payday!) :o) is this great cat fabric! the cats are doing cat things and begin mischievous! the other is song birds. It has some of my favorite birds on it. the other fabric is a jungle babies print that is way too cute to pass up! I got the co-ordinating fleece last week to make Josh a blanket. Josh had a gift card that he was saving for something special! ;o)


Melzie said...

welcome back :) sorry about the rude people. xoxo melzie

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debbie said...

Thanks everyone that reads my blog will understand why your game is so annyoing!! :P

debbie said...

Thanks melzie! the nice customers far outweigh the rude ones! for instance, on Saturday I made a mistake. (I'm sure there was more than one) a customer and i were talking while i was cutting. When i went to print out her slip i entered 3 1/2 yards instead of 2 1/2. it was fairly expensive fabric, after she paid, she noticed the mistake and came back to me. I remeasured the fabric. it was cut correctly, just entered wrong. she was very kind about it. i apologized several times. she never got angry with me but was very nice. that is just one customer. My poor husband gets an earful each night about all my adventures. lol

Marie N. said...

I love disabling the sound on my PC!

The fabrics I saw were so lovely. I missed the birds -- that sounds so nice too.

Favorite Apron said...

Oh no! A week without DSL! Been there done that.

debbie said...

if i were to disable the computer geek dh would know how to fix it! lol It is a no win situation. lol