Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm Back...did ya miss me!?

Lol! We have been off line for a little over a week. I guess that is what happens when you don't/cant pay your phone bill, they cut right to the heart and disconnect your DSL! Actually it has been nice. we had some family interaction and i didn't have to hear the comments on dh's current fav computer game! they drive me NUTS!!!!! lol Of course it wasn't a bother to me because i didn't have any Avon/SU orders to place that week! if it was an order week that would be a different story! lol Online ordering is so much easier and faster!
My job at Joann's is going well! I really like working there. it is much harder work than one would think! I have had some really nice customers and a few not so nice customers! One lady got mad at me because i had never worked with Sherpa before. she got mad and threw a hissy, i went to find my co-worker and this woman followed me and yelled at her and said some rude things....but life goes on... Saturday i had this woman that wanted to cover a hollow plastic box. she didn't want to pay the $6 per yard for the fabric she really she chose something close for $4 per yard. I told her about our mailing list and the coupons she could receive by getting the mailing. she didn't want that, she only wanted the coupons and NOW! she then went out on a search for a customer that had extra coupons! Which to my delight she didn't find any! lol I just happen to be with a new customer when she returned! lol I had warned the other employee about this woman! she was able to be more assertive with this woman and send her on her way!
Unfortunately i am finding great fabric that i just cant live without! even though i am not sure at this point what i am going to do with it! lol One of the fabrics i want to get Friday (payday!) :o) is this great cat fabric! the cats are doing cat things and begin mischievous! the other is song birds. It has some of my favorite birds on it. the other fabric is a jungle babies print that is way too cute to pass up! I got the co-ordinating fleece last week to make Josh a blanket. Josh had a gift card that he was saving for something special! ;o)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

(almost) all is well...

The job is going well. My first day working at the cutting counter was a learning experience! I did learn a lot! I still have a lot to learn about that hand held scanner do-hicky. (cant remember what it is called) They trusted me to cut customers fabric! lol That night I was working with two other people. One of whom after training me for a while said "you shop here a lot right? I remember helping you!" lol :o.
So anyway, my first night they took it easy on me! I didn't realize that till the second night! The second night I worked with a young girl (who I also knew from being a customer) she is under 18 so there were certain thing she was not allowed to do that I *had* to do! :oO Like cutting foam! It was explained to me how to cut foam....But I had never actually cut foam. Luckily! The MOD (mgr on duty...cant get used to these new titles..) happened to walk by :o) so I called for her to help me! Which I am glad I did because there were some things I didn't know about cutting we can only cut the length. (not width) and we can only cut whole inches, not half.
I also helped a dad trying to put together an Indian princess vest (kinda like brownies, I guess) for his daughter. They were going to a pow-wow this weekend. The cleanup that night was much harder than the first night! I see now that the other two did all the work! And once you straighten *ALL* the fabric...customers mess it up again! So we had to do it all over! When I got home that night I was sore and tired! lol
Tonight we are driving up to MI. Tomorrow I am attending a Stampin Up regional conference. I am meeting a fellow SU demo. that I know from a SU email list. We have never actually met, but both of us wanted to go but didn't have anyone to go with. It should be fun! My family is driving up with me. I hope they get some pool time in! That is the thing the kids want to do most. Other than that they are with dad for the day! He tells them they are all going to sit quietly in the van for 8 hours while I attend the conference! lol I wonder what they will end up doing? :o~

Friday, October 06, 2006

My first day at Joann's

Wednesday was my first day at Joanns. It was fun, but it was a long day! I was so tired when I got home! lol We filled out a ton of paperwork and watched 2 training movies. Before we went on a scavenger hunt in the store we had to introduce ourselves. We were to tell our name and two things about ourselves. One true and one false. I started to panic because I am a terrible liar so I don't even try...Of course the woman sitting next to me was picked first which means I am second! So Donna introduces herself and tells about a previous job and then says she also used to be a pole dancer. It was obvious that Donna was not a pole dancer. Donna is an older, heavy set woman. lol So Donna's lie was easy. I thought about saying I am a terrible liar, but then they would think that was my lie and that I was a good liar and it would look bad! lol So being put on the spot I do my intro and say I have 5 children that I homeschool and I live in a mansion in Maple....Several women got a kick out of that one since they also live in one of those mansions. Dianne (the mgr) tells us we are doing it wrong! We are supposed to tell two things that would be believable. Her example was that she was with the Co. for 5 years and married for 10 years. Which is her lie? Well seeing as we don't know much about Dianne...Who knows!? So it was kind of a strange exercise being in a room of complete strangers trying to guess their lie. Then she tells us two people in the room have dogs named Theo and Webster. Who are they? Well how is anyone supposed to know!? I guess I just didn't get it....
So on to the scavenger hunt...It was a little training exercise to get us firmilar with the store. It gave a hint and you went to that dept and answered a few questions that were in the workbook. We did it as a group so I got to know the other ladies a bit more. At 1:30 we were divided up into our departments to do training. The woman that was going to train the 3 of us that will be working at the cutting counter was so excited! For 2 hours we toured the fabric department! I was so bored! I knew just about everything from being a customer! A few things I didn't know was that they carry fabric that cost $84.95, they also carry fabric to cover ironing boards or pot holders... I work tonight, so I hope to learn something new!
I have gotten a lot of work done on my applique quilt! I am not going to post any pictures yet! You will have to wait a little longer! The top will be done soon and then I will post a picture. After getting into it a bit more I started to like it more than before. I would consider doing another....Maybe! lol

Monday, October 02, 2006

Stick 'Em Up

Timmy the Kid turned 7 this past saturday and we had a party with lots of people
Emily made some wanted signs and the Evil Genious and her family provided a jail.

Unforunately the weather didnt cooperate with us and we didnt get to do all the fun western rangler stuff outside and canceled the pony rides.
(Which Emily suggested but they were never really planned anyways)
But Everyone had a great time and Timmy got a bunch of things he wanted so everyone was happy.