Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Quilting right along....

Saturday's class didn't go so well. There was a conflict with the class schedules, they overlapped two classes. Since the quilting class was a smaller group, we got stuck out in the scrapbooking area. We didn't get much done because of all the distractions. "the phone" kept ringing off the wall for one! The store was packed that day so with all the customers walking around and people stopping to see what we were doing and asking where they could find things...We didn't get much done! We have a lot of homework! The teacher is trying to fit in a 3rd class so we can finish the quilt.
So far I'm not real impressed with applique'. I guess I don't have an appreciation for all the time involved with the hand stitching. Perhaps when I get to that point I will feel differently. Sarah (4yo) decided she liked this quilt and wants it for her. There is NO WAY a 4yo is getting THIS quilt!!! lol too much work has gone/will go into this quilt!
Dianne (Mgr) called from JoAnn's this morning. I have an appt to go in and "chat" with her tomorrow. :o)

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

What kind of hand-stitching do you have to do with this quilt? And, I hope your interview goes well!