Friday, September 08, 2006

Miscellaneous ramblings...

MY DRYER IS FIXED!!!!! :o) I didn’t mind hanging clothes on the line to dry....I just couldn’t keep up with 7 peoples clothes. Over the weekend I broke. lol Last week was not good weather for drying clothes on the line. Laundry had started to pile up (again/still) I found someone had put wet towels in the laundry chute! Needless to say mold had started to grow and some clothes are now ruined. We don’t have the money right now to get a new(er) dryer, so dh decided to take a look at it. He found some helpful hints online and found the problem! YEA for DH!!! :O) He cant wait for towels dried with fabric softener! lol
Like I mentioned we have been tight on money (again/still) lol We have had some major things come up like auto repair, boy scout camp, school books and such....that is why I had looked into getting a part time job. I had an interview this week at Joann's. I think the interview went well. She told me all about the dress code, "must work" season, what position I would be working and the training class that takes place during the day so I could start thinking on that. She also took my sheet of dates that I wouldn’t be able to work. She said she had other interviews this week and will be calling her picks next week.
All summer we have been meaning to have a garage sale....We have *way* too many things for such a small house! But of course we have *way* too many people for such a small house. Since I can’t decide who to get rid ;o) and we can’t quite afford to move yet...the belongings have to be reduced! The summer went by way to quick! We are not good at planning ahead I guess. The kids can’t understand why we can’t have a sale today! I keep trying to explain we need time for organizing and we need to put the ad the paper. After deciding to put the sale off till spring, we had some disappointed kids…since I don’t want to discourage getting rid of things I changed my mind *again!* we hope to have a garage sale next week. We got a lot ready yesterday, but today is a lot of goofing off! We still need to get the ad written and submitted. The kids are in charge of this. They have picked most of items for selling and the prices. We have some pretty good deals if anyone wants to shop at our sale! :o)


Marie N. said...

Good luck with the sale!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

We'll come check it out!

I also hope things go well for you on the job front!

Melzie said...

Good luck at the sale :) They are a TON of work for sure! I am having one the 22nd I hope we both do well :) xoxo melzie. ps yay on the dryer!

kate5kiwis said...

yeah *high fives* for hubby fixing the dryer :o)
i remember one very wet winter and i was drying EVERYTHING in front of the fire: our lounge looked like a "chinese laundry" !!!!
and then some darling friends just went out and bought us a new dryer !!! wow that was so cool :o)