Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tryin the pics...or "pix's"

My Dear Wonderful Magical Magnificent husband somehow got the pictures to load up, so here are the boys in their Jammy-bottoms:


Melzie said...

Very cute! You did good. I LOVE the youngest ones t-shirt also HAHA how funny :D xoxo melzie

kate5kiwis said...

hey debbie
i saw ya at emily's blog, i'm the NZ "blogger-friend" of barb's (complicated, i know)

wow, *i do all my own stunts*
i w-a-n-t one!!!
i got myself this one last week
pardon the long url. i still cannot work out how to link to a blog post using a hyperlink (even tho barb very patiently sent me the info)

i'm a pseudo-quilter: it has to be done FAST, on a sewing machine..
i made this
with my ten year old in june/july.. he loves it.

looking forward to seeing your balloon quilt
:o) k xx

Marie N. said...

Nice work! And they look happy about it too :-)

debbie said...

Thanks melzie! dh got that shirt for our older son on a business trip to Texas. We have a cowgirl one too! They are fun. :o)

Hi Kate! i am new to this blogging thing and find that it does get complicated...lol but it's fun! I enjoy reading your blog, and about your travels to places i know i will never see. Thank you for sharing your adventures!
the T-shirt came from Target. dont know if they have target in NZ....I would be more than happy to send you one if you really want one! :o)
I love your starry night quilt!! It is so colorful and fun! I like instant gratification also! i have not finished my first quilt because of the time i think is involved. (hand sewing the binding) i figure i would rather wait until fall when it is cooler and i wont mind a quilt on me. lol

debbie said...

Yes Marie, they were happy I finally sewed them! It didn’t take long at all to make them, just getting around to it took forever.

kate5kiwis said...

the T-shirt came from Target
aha!!! actually i just remembered that i have a girlfriend who has a similar one.. so they must be available here..

yes, we sewed J10's quilt in autumn. it was a fabulous time of year for it.
looking forward to seeing your progress... i'm a bit *quilted out* at the mo, mum and R13 and I also sewed one for my bro's wedding gift. it looks oh so fabulous.
i have this thing that i *get over* stuff and move on to the next thing... have been on a bit of a jewellery-making bender last/this year... i've almost got that outta my system...