Thursday, August 24, 2006

Overload II

It has been one of those weeks when the Zoloft just doesn't cut it! lol We have long outgrown our little house and we just cant seem to afford to move right now. Living in one small house we have 5 kids, 4 fish, 3cats, 2 parents and 1 puppy. Plus all the accessories that come with each person/pet. (or are pets people too!?)
My laundry pile continues to multiply! I don't know how it happens, I have been doing laundry all week and the pile just gets bigger! I just cant seem to keep up!
The kids must be aware of my frustration because they are getting good at ignoring me! I tell them what we need to do for the day, they always seem to end up playing instead.
We were given a twin bed for Sarah. Unfortunately two twin beds don't fit into the girls bedroom.. So for now Sarah is in the boys room and Emily has a room to herself. So we have all this extra stuff from the girls room cluttering the hall and the livingroom...What do we do with it all!? We plan to have a garage sale, but we cant seem to get the daily stuff done to work on the garage sale stuff.

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kate5kiwis said...

hey debbie,
i find i need to "stop life" for a big sort-out..
and keep the kids locked up (just kidding) so they don't see all the stuff i'm secretly throwing away lol
i know what ya mean with five kids, all their hoards.. and the laundry.
i made ours all wear yesterday's stuff again today to save me trying to dry it today ;o)
funny, the weather came out all sunny today, so i could've washed it anyway !!!!