Thursday, August 03, 2006

Next projects

I have several things in mind for my next quilt. I just can’t decide on what to do next..... I cant decide if i want to start on the hot air balloon quilt that will be a Christmas gift.... . I just happened to find a pattern *and* balloon fabric!

Or start on the quilt that Jacob chose. I can’t wait to take him to look at fabric! Hopefully we will find some fun boy fabric. He said he wanted bionicle fabric....I don’t think Joann’s carries that...

This is the pattern and the fabric for my next class. I had a really hard time choosing the fabric. With the other quilts the fabric needed to match. With this quilt, it is just a mix of different fabric. As you can tell, my fabric still was the best i could do. I am looking forward to the class; although i am just intimidated by the project! It is an appliqué' class, all the flowers and the leaves are sewn and placed on top of the quilt....and we will learn to do this in two classes! :oO


Barb the Evil Genius said...

You've already done applique, Debbie, on that quilt square you showed me. And you did a good job, too. It won't be too hard.

As for Bionicle fabric, Joann's doesn't carry it, but this place does, and lots of other online stores. A pillowcase or sham would not be *too* expensive!

Marie N. said...

I like the balloon fabric. I can't wait to see how the pattern looks on that one :-)

I do like looking at fabrics, but I can understand how it would be hard to be sure you have selected the *best* choice for each quilt.

debbie said...

You know, I thought about using a sheet or something. That is a great idea. Awhile back Jacob was wanting that bedroom set. I couldn’t imagine paying that price for something he may grow out of in a few years. I took him last week to pick out fabric; I will post the pic of that! It is cute!