Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A special suprise!

Yesterday one of my Avon customers asked if i would be interested in some extra cotton fabric she had. I said sure, i could add it to my stash! She called this morning to let me know she left a bag on her front porch for me. I was completely surprised when i saw the size of the bag. Even though it had some goodies in it for the kids, it had 47 1/2 yard pieces of fabric!!! What a nice surprise! Now to find the perfect project! :O)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Big Suprise!

And NO! I know what you are thinking! the answer is NO, i am NOT pregnant!!!
My surprise it that Kmart has improved itself! I stopped shopping at Kmart sometime last year. Today I promised Sarah i would take her Christmas shopping, she wanted to go to Kmart. So off we went. To my surprise the shelves were packed full of merchandise! and the store was pretty clean, with the exception of the toy dept. But this time of year i imagine it is impossible to keep the toy dept clean! We went shopping with nothing in mind for the gift she needed to purchase. She ended up finding so many things that she had to narrow down her choices. she was very happy with her selection! The employees seemed to be alright. that was another reason i quit shopping Kmart, because the employees were all rude and inconsiderate. I have to say, our cashier was standing staring out into space while we placed our purchases on the counter. Never once did she acknowledge we were there...I was starting to wonder just about the time she jumped. She was so lost in space she didn't know we were there. After that she was very kind, so i assume she was either very tired, or on drugs! lol Or both!? But her customer service was acceptable!
So to my surprise, Kmart has redeemed itself! (for today....)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Life Sucks!

What do you do when you have a sucky life!? I have a certain teenage daughter that is absolutely bored with her life here at home. We never do anything, we just sit here and do nothing...(even though i am exhausted) she mopes around all day not doing much of anything. If i were to let her play on the computer all day she would be happy! and what about school!? Who knows! Perhaps she needs to be IN school....
Then there is Jacob...just turned 12. Can easily be brought to tears over the silliest things....I don't think i am going to survive the teenage years! good thing Timmy wont be a teen for 6 more years!

Birthday Boy!

Yesterday was Jacob's 12th birthday! I am not sure it was such a great day for him...I made him do some chores (that he was supposed to earlier in the week) Finally he was able to go out and play in the snow! We went to Wendy's for dinner, and had frosty's....tomorrow we are going to go to blossom to see the Christmas light display.
Last week he had 2 friends over. We went to the train club for their Christmas open house and then the boys spent the night.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

interesting, yet scary....

last night Timmy and i ran out to walmart (just down from Joann's) they were closed because an alarm was going off! :o>

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No new job...

Lol I had plenty of time last night to speak with the Mgr of Viking, while we stood outside in the freezing cold, while the fire dept took their grand old time responding to an alarm that went off at Joann's....she said they cannot take employees away from Joann's. I guess they used to but cant anymore. which is ok, cause the more i get to know her, the less i think i would want to work for her. She is the nicest woman, but! she could walk all over my personality! so I am happy at the cutting counter. I will find out in a few weeks if i am to be hired permanently or let go....I wasn't concerned about it before, but now that sales are horrid, i am worrying!
So back to the alarm.....When i left for work last night i asked dh "what are the chances i will need my sweater?" (Joann's is always toasty!) I decided to put it on under my jacket for the ride into work since dh's van does not have much heat. I am so glad i put it on....
You see, my dear Joann's is built not on a rock...but an old garbage dump! (sounds bad, i know!) For some reason last night the Methane gas alarm went off about 5pm. funny thing, the Mgr on duty didn't know what it was and the customers were annoyed with the noise the alarm was making cause it was hurting their ears!! After about 15 minutes of nothing being announced, the Mrg of Viking dept told the Mgr of Joanns what the noise was, and that she needed to evacuate the store....More annoyed customers! they wanted to take the time to check out first! :o~ Luckily We were allowed to get our coats since it was freezing out! No one but the Viking Mgr knew the evacuation plan! I went with her and the other Viking employee to the designated meeting area. Everyone else stood at the front door. After a while the other employee and i went and stood under the overhang of bed, bath &beyond. It was so cold!! Once the fire dept checked the building, and found no gas...they let us back in cause it was so cold. Eventually they let customers in too. the alarm went off for almost 2 hours before they got it turned off!! Boy, was it quiet when it finally quit! Needless to say, the night went by rather quickly! lol and all is well at Joann's, except sales.....

Monday, December 04, 2006

Been busy!

Things have been busy here. We had the reindeer van repaired a few weeks ago. I took it in for 2 new tires and an alignemt. turns out the front end needed replaced! I guess the people that owned the van before us were really hard on it! It only had 17K mi on it when we got it too! That set us back a few 100 crispy chicken nuggets. So our already low budget Christmas is even lower budget than before. Last Year the kids didn't mind only getting a few things. Actually they were pretty happy with what they did get!
Work is unpredictable. Sales are down, which means hours are cut. This week and last i was only scheduled 2 days each week, where the week before i was working 4 or 5 days per week. I decided that i really cant work 4 or 5 days and take care of school, house, baby and all the other things a mom for now i am enjoying the 2 days. Although the pay will be much less....
I talk to the women in the Viking Sewing Dept a lot. the viking dept is right next to the cutting counter. they are hiring several new people to work for viking. One of the women gave me an application and told me i should apply! It is very tempting! I love my job at Joann's, but it is very hard work and i come home tired and sore. If i worked for Viking, i would still get to work at Joann's (not FOR Joann's) and not have to do all the work that makes me tired and sore. One thing that makes me hesitate is the fact that I am not good at up selling, nor am i pushy. I don't know any of the other details as to hours and such....
In between being busy, i have been sewing a lot. I cant post any pics till after Christmas! ;o) I like how my projects turned out! I want to keep the ALL! :oD But, i hope the recipients like them as much as i do!
It is too cold out and my roast is not done....i have to work tonight so i just may miss dinner. :o(

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oh Deer....

We saw a "3rd" buck in our yard this morning! We were downstairs watching a movie, Rascal was barking like crazy. Emily thought she saw someone with a dog walk walk by the window. her and i ran up the stairs only to find it wasn't a dog, but a buck walking down the driveway. this one was a 6 point, the one in the pix was an 8 and the other one we saw was a 4 point...any bow hunters want some free meat!? ;o)

Calgon took me away!

I took a nice long hot bath last night! I feel much better, except for my sore tail bone. Mr Rascal managed to knock my feet right out from under me! I fell faster than i knew what happened.
Dh and Jake went off to camp last night. I hope they have a good time! Dh was a little stressed, he said not only were they stopping for ice cream! he was stopping for cigarette's....I hope the ice cream does the trick before he gets to the cigarettes.. :o/
Thanks to everyone that added to the stress of his day!
(me included!)
I have to add now that yesterday is over...We all tend to be motivated to do work at different times. last week Jacob *was* motivated...Only i was too exhausted from working so many hours. (We need the money so i didn't feel i could say "no"....) Jacob discovered that going through junk is hard work! I cleaned up the laundry area, so now we have a place to put stuff we want to get rid of. I think this will help, since we can move that stuff to another part of the basement and little hands wont get into it. Emily has been a big help in the past. she gets upset that little hands mess up what she cleaned. So she doesn't want to do it anymore since it will get messed up again. I think dh has that thing where he gets depressed in the winter...i suppose that and all the stress he inures throughout the day adds to his lack of motivation at home. I just don't know how to get us ALL motivated at the same time and keep dh in good spirits. Plus work on top of that!

Friday, November 17, 2006

in my free time...

In my free time i was able to finish my hot air balloon quilt top. Originally it was only a single block. I wanted it to bigger so i made four blocks. It is pretty big. I am going to back it with fleece. I am waiting till next week when the fleece goes on sale! :o) I think the person i made it for will really like it! :o)
I also made Sarah a poncho. well actually this it the second one...the first one isn't quite finished yet, but she has been wearing it. The original fabric was furry fleece, backed with dora flannel. I returned those because i didn't want to mess with the furry fleece and got this fleece. she likes it!

calgon take me away....

I am SO tired of the bickering and fighting that goes on daily in this house!! They fight over "every" little thing! One of the many fights this morning is over plastic forks. they fight over the dog duties (cause no one wants to do them) dishes, toys, chores, if someone looks at them wrong... the list goes on! I cant attempt to discipline any of them without help! each time, one of them takes it upon themselves to help me, Because we all know i cant do it alone! we don't want to keep up with the house, and i cant do it alone. (sorry Scott, but you are one of them) so nothing stays clean. But we can bug the heck out of mom to bribe her to take us someplace to buy more THINGS!!! I have a hard time finding time to do it all!! and an even harder time trying to motivate the troops....I am having a really tough time balancing all my responsibilities.
So life goes on.....

Monday, November 13, 2006

Mmm...Steak & Shake....

Dh has vacation days that he has to take or loose. So Friday he took the .5 day off. Since it was a date night and i had to work, we went on a lunch date. On the way home from work he noticed there were a lot of cars parked outside of steak and shake. So we decided to check it out. There were people coming and going. We decided to go in to make sure. We were greeted by a friendly hostess and she took us to our booth. Our waitress was still training and mumbled a lot! Her trainer was much better. After i almost spilled my shake, dh ended up spilling his. (the glasses were rather slick) Two managers happened to be sitting at a table across the isle from us and quickly jumped up and helped clean up the spill and got dh a new shake! Later another employee came by and was talking to me. i asked her when they opened!? she said they weren't actually *open* yet! The *official* opening is today (Monday) She said they were doing training this week and were open for a few hours at lunch to help prepare the employees for being open 24 hours a day starting Monday. She said they didn't tell anyone they were open, it was spread by word of mouth. The kids were mad that we didn't take them! lol They want to go for milk shakes today! But....

I have to work.......

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ahh...Life in the country!

But we live in the city! This couple has been visiting our yard this week...Not sure if that is good or bad.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Slightly Cranky.....

(BIG vent)

I have been slightly cranky today. Perhaps it is the weather….perhaps it is the walls are closing in on me. Perhaps I should consider continuing my medication a little longer……

First off! Why it is that something that belongs to “mom” is a free for all!? It bugs the heck out of me when everyone just thinks that they can touch my “stuff” This morning when I go to get my ponytail band…it is gone! But yesterday Sarah had *4* ponytails in her hair! Hmm..does she know where any of them are!? Nope! She thinks they may be downstairs someplace…or perhaps she lost them outside! You think ponytails, no biggie…well I have some that do not have metal that I keep for myself. We have the cheapy ones that Sarah can play with (and loose) so I go to look for mine and all I find are Sarah's….

last week, someone thought it was alright to play with”moms” video camera….(Mom had to beg and plead for this camera for along time)….well someone left it out on top of a pile and low and behold the thing slid off the pile and fell to the floor and broke. No one feels guilty! No one even cares that my camera got broke!

Earlier, Sarah was being 4 (according to dh) and she decided after all this time she didn’t know what 2+0=. SHE KNOWS THIS!!!! I know she does!!! So I send her to take a nap. And I worked with Timmy. Which he did really well with out her!!! After I was finished with Timmy, I wanted to sew, (I haven’t done that in a long time)I can’t just sit down to sew, I have to clean all the junk off from on top of and in front of my sewing table. Now before I go to bed, I have to clean off my bed because that is where all my junk went. In addition, I find Sarah in MY bed!!! Why is that you ask! Cause Sarah doesn’t have a bed! Well she does, but there is no room for it. So she sleeps with Timmy in the room with the 3 boys. Or in this case MY bed…

As I said earlier, the walls are closing in on me! We have such a small house! I am thankful we have a house! But I really NEED more room. The basement is full of junk because we cleaned out the kids bedrooms (which didn’t help any) so now we have a big mess down there….I have my stamp area in the basement but even though NO ONE is allowed in MY area….things keep getting put over there. And I find all kind of toys, trash, dishes and such that I didn’t put there! Where is My space!? (Don’t send me to!)

And then there is always the money issue! I feel most guilty about that when I spend money on myself! Which i did this week.....

I have been working alot lately (as many hours as they will give me) so i am very tired and sore. In fact tonight is the only night this week i am NOT working!

and tomorrow is another day......

Friday, November 03, 2006

when it rains is pours...

it is not quite pouring (yet) I am expecting it to any day now! lol In addition to the 2 vacuums breaking, Dh's van is going to need some work again! I am afraid that dh's van isn't going to last much longer. I hate to keep putting money into it, since it is so old! I also don't like the fact that he drives through the ghetto to get to work, but his other option is the freeway. He works downtown, so the freeway is crazy too! So anyway... his exhaust is going (Perhaps we could compete with the "Genius" family car!) ;o) and his radiator hose has another hole in it. In addition to the Ac/heater not working and who knows what else! We also need to have an alignment done on our big van and at least one new tire! Cars! cant live with em' cant live without em'!

We had some excitement out front our house today! The city has had major problems with fights the past several years. This year the fights have moved to our side of town. Luckily this fight was only 5 kids. I have heard of gangs of 15+ Just about the time i was getting concerned, the police pulled up. We happen to know the one officer. (he is a bad a**) lol he was really angry with these kids. (I am sure the police are tired of dealing with these punks!) so he grabbed the one kid, he must have been smart mouthing him, cause Don picked him up by his jacket collar and carried him across the street and threw him against the back of the police car. All the time yelling at him. (it was funny!) he frisked this kid and yelled at him some more, then picked him up again and tossed him in the police car.
then Don went for the next kid. Don made this kid pick up all the belongings that they had thrown on the street, then took him to the car to frisk and cuff. while the kid was standing there, his pants fell down! lol He tried to pull them up but it only made don angry cause the kid was being frisked at the time. so he was put in the police car too. Next was a girl, she was so scared by this time, she cooperated nicely. While they were frisking the girl, these other 2 kids came walking up trying to start something. I guess they were smart enough to walk away. I told Em that she should go outside and get some action shots for her blog! However she wouldn't to it! I told her she should go out their and ask Don if he could throw the kid against the car again so she could get a shot of that! But! she wouldn't do that either! she tried to get some pixs from the window. I don't know if they came out or not. lol
And you wonder why we don't want to live here...... :o/ this is exactly why we got a dog...

Our new Vacuum

We decided to get a new vacuum....not because we had extra money to blow....but because we broke *2* vacuums in the past month!!! you know how that is! This vacuum is pretty neat. it has a duster attachment, that is the yellow thing with the stick. you put it in the canister and turn it on for 10 seconds and it charges the duster, then you dust with it. after you dust you place it back in the canister and turn it on again and it sucks all the dust off the duster! it also has a power paw(that is the black and yellow thing just under the handle) Jake thinks that is the best thing since sliced bread! it is his job to vacuum the furniture! now he cant use the excuse he cant find the vacuum attachment! lol

after taking Jacobs pix Joshua wanted his pix taken too! :o) he is 14 mo. and wearing size 2T clothes!

The day has arrived!

Today was the day i have been waiting for! The day of the employee sale at Joann's! :o)
I also picked up my employee discount card today! it finally arrived! Yea! lol So, this is the fabric i purchased. Unfortunately i did spend more than $20....think dh will notice!? ;o)

This is the jungle babies fabric (cotton left, fleece on right) the fleece i got the other day to make a blanket for Joshua. it is SO cute and soft! i just couldn't pass up the cute jungle animals!!

This is ballerina fabric that was just too cute to pass up! I am not exactly sure what i am going to do with it...but i have a little girl that absolutely loves it!!

Here is the cat fabric. again too cute!! :o)

Just something nice for my stash...

My bird fabric!!

Got this for a future quilt. It was so pretty i just couldn't pass it up! lol

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trick or Treaters

here are some pix of my trick or treaters.

Emily IS a prisoner....

Timmy was a Ninja
Sarah was a fairly princess

Jacob was a bionicle

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Appliqué quilt top

I finally got around to finishing my appliqué quilt top! You cant really tell from the pix, but i used as many sparkley fabrics as i could find! as promised here is the pix!!

The heart flowers down the center are attached by buttons, so they just kinda sit on top of the quilt.

this is one of the four flowers on the border

the flowers down the two sides are appliquéd, then have Yo-Yo centers attached with buttons.

comings and goings...

for the past year, i have been suffering with lower back pain. I thought when i started my new job, my back would hurt even more. it seems that working has helped strengthen my back! I am almost pain free!! :o)
BUT...I am noticing that after work my wrist hurts! especially after busy days when i unroll/cut a lot of fabric.....
Also for the past year i have been taking medication for PPD. I have decided I am ready to go off the medication. My hormones are evening out and I feel my symptoms are to the point where I can manage them without medication. (DH agrees, i did check with him first!)
Earlier this week i received a $20 check in the mail! :oD A woman that bought Avon from me about 2 years ago, signed up to sell. She mentioned my name so i received the credit. It just happens that there is a *great* fabric sale this week....I will be spending my $20 on fabric!!! :oD
With the holidays quickly hours at work are too! Hopefully i will get my employee discount card soon! :oD Perhaps dh asked them to NOT give me a discount card! ;o)

Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm Back...did ya miss me!?

Lol! We have been off line for a little over a week. I guess that is what happens when you don't/cant pay your phone bill, they cut right to the heart and disconnect your DSL! Actually it has been nice. we had some family interaction and i didn't have to hear the comments on dh's current fav computer game! they drive me NUTS!!!!! lol Of course it wasn't a bother to me because i didn't have any Avon/SU orders to place that week! if it was an order week that would be a different story! lol Online ordering is so much easier and faster!
My job at Joann's is going well! I really like working there. it is much harder work than one would think! I have had some really nice customers and a few not so nice customers! One lady got mad at me because i had never worked with Sherpa before. she got mad and threw a hissy, i went to find my co-worker and this woman followed me and yelled at her and said some rude things....but life goes on... Saturday i had this woman that wanted to cover a hollow plastic box. she didn't want to pay the $6 per yard for the fabric she really she chose something close for $4 per yard. I told her about our mailing list and the coupons she could receive by getting the mailing. she didn't want that, she only wanted the coupons and NOW! she then went out on a search for a customer that had extra coupons! Which to my delight she didn't find any! lol I just happen to be with a new customer when she returned! lol I had warned the other employee about this woman! she was able to be more assertive with this woman and send her on her way!
Unfortunately i am finding great fabric that i just cant live without! even though i am not sure at this point what i am going to do with it! lol One of the fabrics i want to get Friday (payday!) :o) is this great cat fabric! the cats are doing cat things and begin mischievous! the other is song birds. It has some of my favorite birds on it. the other fabric is a jungle babies print that is way too cute to pass up! I got the co-ordinating fleece last week to make Josh a blanket. Josh had a gift card that he was saving for something special! ;o)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

(almost) all is well...

The job is going well. My first day working at the cutting counter was a learning experience! I did learn a lot! I still have a lot to learn about that hand held scanner do-hicky. (cant remember what it is called) They trusted me to cut customers fabric! lol That night I was working with two other people. One of whom after training me for a while said "you shop here a lot right? I remember helping you!" lol :o.
So anyway, my first night they took it easy on me! I didn't realize that till the second night! The second night I worked with a young girl (who I also knew from being a customer) she is under 18 so there were certain thing she was not allowed to do that I *had* to do! :oO Like cutting foam! It was explained to me how to cut foam....But I had never actually cut foam. Luckily! The MOD (mgr on duty...cant get used to these new titles..) happened to walk by :o) so I called for her to help me! Which I am glad I did because there were some things I didn't know about cutting we can only cut the length. (not width) and we can only cut whole inches, not half.
I also helped a dad trying to put together an Indian princess vest (kinda like brownies, I guess) for his daughter. They were going to a pow-wow this weekend. The cleanup that night was much harder than the first night! I see now that the other two did all the work! And once you straighten *ALL* the fabric...customers mess it up again! So we had to do it all over! When I got home that night I was sore and tired! lol
Tonight we are driving up to MI. Tomorrow I am attending a Stampin Up regional conference. I am meeting a fellow SU demo. that I know from a SU email list. We have never actually met, but both of us wanted to go but didn't have anyone to go with. It should be fun! My family is driving up with me. I hope they get some pool time in! That is the thing the kids want to do most. Other than that they are with dad for the day! He tells them they are all going to sit quietly in the van for 8 hours while I attend the conference! lol I wonder what they will end up doing? :o~

Friday, October 06, 2006

My first day at Joann's

Wednesday was my first day at Joanns. It was fun, but it was a long day! I was so tired when I got home! lol We filled out a ton of paperwork and watched 2 training movies. Before we went on a scavenger hunt in the store we had to introduce ourselves. We were to tell our name and two things about ourselves. One true and one false. I started to panic because I am a terrible liar so I don't even try...Of course the woman sitting next to me was picked first which means I am second! So Donna introduces herself and tells about a previous job and then says she also used to be a pole dancer. It was obvious that Donna was not a pole dancer. Donna is an older, heavy set woman. lol So Donna's lie was easy. I thought about saying I am a terrible liar, but then they would think that was my lie and that I was a good liar and it would look bad! lol So being put on the spot I do my intro and say I have 5 children that I homeschool and I live in a mansion in Maple....Several women got a kick out of that one since they also live in one of those mansions. Dianne (the mgr) tells us we are doing it wrong! We are supposed to tell two things that would be believable. Her example was that she was with the Co. for 5 years and married for 10 years. Which is her lie? Well seeing as we don't know much about Dianne...Who knows!? So it was kind of a strange exercise being in a room of complete strangers trying to guess their lie. Then she tells us two people in the room have dogs named Theo and Webster. Who are they? Well how is anyone supposed to know!? I guess I just didn't get it....
So on to the scavenger hunt...It was a little training exercise to get us firmilar with the store. It gave a hint and you went to that dept and answered a few questions that were in the workbook. We did it as a group so I got to know the other ladies a bit more. At 1:30 we were divided up into our departments to do training. The woman that was going to train the 3 of us that will be working at the cutting counter was so excited! For 2 hours we toured the fabric department! I was so bored! I knew just about everything from being a customer! A few things I didn't know was that they carry fabric that cost $84.95, they also carry fabric to cover ironing boards or pot holders... I work tonight, so I hope to learn something new!
I have gotten a lot of work done on my applique quilt! I am not going to post any pictures yet! You will have to wait a little longer! The top will be done soon and then I will post a picture. After getting into it a bit more I started to like it more than before. I would consider doing another....Maybe! lol

Monday, October 02, 2006

Stick 'Em Up

Timmy the Kid turned 7 this past saturday and we had a party with lots of people
Emily made some wanted signs and the Evil Genious and her family provided a jail.

Unforunately the weather didnt cooperate with us and we didnt get to do all the fun western rangler stuff outside and canceled the pony rides.
(Which Emily suggested but they were never really planned anyways)
But Everyone had a great time and Timmy got a bunch of things he wanted so everyone was happy.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Joshua in action....

Look at this sweet face....

Now how can his nickname be Trouble Jr??

Um, that is a half bag of smashed cereal on the table....

Then the temper tantrum comes....

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Voted Best Ice Cream...

That is what the sign said in front of ColdStone Creamery.....
It has been one of those days/weeks (and it is only Tues!) This evening I was out *alone* and decided to use a coupon I had for a "free shake" at CSC. I don't know who voted them the best....It surely wasn't me.!! lol It really wasn't all that great. I probably wouldn't go back. Plus who could afford to go their (unless you had a free coupon!) the regular price for the shake was $4.49! Truly overpriced! Now when Handles says they are #1, I believe that!
Hmm, and I still owe the Evil Genius a trip to Handles....Maybe next week :o)

Monday, September 25, 2006

"Poor Me" tales of a frazzled mom...

Over the weekend Em was invited to ride along out of state to visit a friend. I knew this would make Em happy, so the arrangements were made. Not only did she get to go on a trip without a single family member, I hear she also got an entire seat in the van to herself!! She got to stay at her friends house and got to interact with other teenage girls!!
With Em being away for the weekend that left Jake oldest child. He was hired by his uncle to do some work (for pay) so off he went to earning money. Sunday he got to spend the day at his friends house....
So that leaves Tim oldest child...Tim and Sarah got along great. There was no fighting, whining or complaining. Tim didn't tease, agitate or annoy anyone! Sarah, was a big helper and got along with her brothers.
Josh on the other hand....He is going to make me gray by the end of the year! If he doenst bleed atleast once a day...His day isn't complete! He is a climber! He has to climb everything! But, what goes up, must come down...... He is exhausting alone! Nap time is cherished.
so that brings us to Monday morning! Mom is trying to be nice to kids and takes puppy out at 6:30am the kids get to stay in bed. When the kids do get up, they are fighting, whining, complaining, annoying, yelling, hitting, crying oh and the attitudes......You get the idea.
So, they are all grounded! What is a mom to do.....

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Not much to say

Haven't had much to say lately. Been busy with a bunch of nothing....
our garage sale was a flop. I ended up freecycling most of what was left over.
I haven't had much time to sew lately. We have been trying to watch 24 season 3. It was due back to the library last Saturday! We were not able to renew it because it was on hold for someone else. So at $1 per day, we are slowly going broke! lol
I start my new job on Oct 4th. The Mgr has been on vacation, so they are waiting for her to come back to do the training class. It has been a long wait...
I suppose that is about all...

Monday, September 11, 2006

dis' N dat'

I received the phone call today telling me I got the job at Joann's. :o) It is kinda scary starting a job after not having one for so long. Training starts Oct 4th. The Mgr is on vacation, so it is scheduled after she gets back...I wonder what happens to my quilt class? I suppose I need to find out if I can work around class....
Since hubby posted about his *favorite* store....And it was once considered my 2nd fav store...I will say, that I am very disappointed with the new Wally World! I have only been back into the new store, that we waited so long to open, a few times. I *don't* like going there! :o( The employees are always to busy socializing to take care of the customer. Most customers are of the type that they think everyone owes them. They don't have any respect for the merchandise or other customers.... :o/ each time I have been in there (other than the first time) the store has been trashed! Funny thing, my sis said that the old WW, is much nicer now and the employees are always happy! :o~ There are 2 more WW opening near by...I wonder if when they open my store will be better??
I am sure there was more....But my brain is short circuiting today....

Friday, September 08, 2006

Miscellaneous ramblings...

MY DRYER IS FIXED!!!!! :o) I didn’t mind hanging clothes on the line to dry....I just couldn’t keep up with 7 peoples clothes. Over the weekend I broke. lol Last week was not good weather for drying clothes on the line. Laundry had started to pile up (again/still) I found someone had put wet towels in the laundry chute! Needless to say mold had started to grow and some clothes are now ruined. We don’t have the money right now to get a new(er) dryer, so dh decided to take a look at it. He found some helpful hints online and found the problem! YEA for DH!!! :O) He cant wait for towels dried with fabric softener! lol
Like I mentioned we have been tight on money (again/still) lol We have had some major things come up like auto repair, boy scout camp, school books and such....that is why I had looked into getting a part time job. I had an interview this week at Joann's. I think the interview went well. She told me all about the dress code, "must work" season, what position I would be working and the training class that takes place during the day so I could start thinking on that. She also took my sheet of dates that I wouldn’t be able to work. She said she had other interviews this week and will be calling her picks next week.
All summer we have been meaning to have a garage sale....We have *way* too many things for such a small house! But of course we have *way* too many people for such a small house. Since I can’t decide who to get rid ;o) and we can’t quite afford to move yet...the belongings have to be reduced! The summer went by way to quick! We are not good at planning ahead I guess. The kids can’t understand why we can’t have a sale today! I keep trying to explain we need time for organizing and we need to put the ad the paper. After deciding to put the sale off till spring, we had some disappointed kids…since I don’t want to discourage getting rid of things I changed my mind *again!* we hope to have a garage sale next week. We got a lot ready yesterday, but today is a lot of goofing off! We still need to get the ad written and submitted. The kids are in charge of this. They have picked most of items for selling and the prices. We have some pretty good deals if anyone wants to shop at our sale! :o)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jacobs quilt top

over the weekend I got to spend some quality quilting time! The rest of the family was busy playing dad's 24 PS2 game that he got for father's day. We just finished watching season 2, so they were able to 'finally' play it!!!
I finished Jacobs quilt top. It is so "DOG"-gone cute!!! LOL! By the smile on his face I think he likes it too! You cant really tell by the photo, but the black lattice has paw prints on it! (too cute!) I have enough extra fabric left over I want to try to make a pillow case to match. I have to give that one more thought.
Sarah was excited to see me cutting her fabric for her quilt. She cant wait till hers is finished.
Since the weather is getting cooler here, I suppose t hat means I need to *finish* all the quilts I have started....

Quilting right along....

Saturday's class didn't go so well. There was a conflict with the class schedules, they overlapped two classes. Since the quilting class was a smaller group, we got stuck out in the scrapbooking area. We didn't get much done because of all the distractions. "the phone" kept ringing off the wall for one! The store was packed that day so with all the customers walking around and people stopping to see what we were doing and asking where they could find things...We didn't get much done! We have a lot of homework! The teacher is trying to fit in a 3rd class so we can finish the quilt.
So far I'm not real impressed with applique'. I guess I don't have an appreciation for all the time involved with the hand stitching. Perhaps when I get to that point I will feel differently. Sarah (4yo) decided she liked this quilt and wants it for her. There is NO WAY a 4yo is getting THIS quilt!!! lol too much work has gone/will go into this quilt!
Dianne (Mgr) called from JoAnn's this morning. I have an appt to go in and "chat" with her tomorrow. :o)

Friday, September 01, 2006

quilting progress

This is as far as I have gotten on Jacob's quilt. My class started so I had to put his on hold. The lattice is really cute it is black with paw prints. I am looking forward to finishing it! I have been quite busy lately (or so it seems...)

Remember all those pieces of fabric from "my next project" post? Well this is what has become of them. I have 16 little squares that are all different. They were so fun to make! I was disappointed when I got to the end of the stack! The other pic is the flower stem. Tomorrow we will learn how to make all those little applique’ flowers and leaves to attach to the stem. I don’t think I would have ever attempted this quilt on my own. It is very intimidating. lol another thing that is intimidating is that this class is only *2* sessions long! Sat is the 2nd class. Next class is paper piecing...

Job update...

Sorry I am new to this blog thing...eventually I will figure out how to put everything in one post. I had a request for updated info on the job search. I have no official word from Joann’s. Vonda and Shannon told me that the mgr was working the night shift this past week, so she won’t be looking at applications till next week. After talking to Shannon, she let me have my application back so I could fill in the stuff I left blank. I feel much better! It has been a looong time since I have filled out a job application! I will be in Joann’s again on sat for my class so I will see if they know anything more on Saturday.

Sarah's new PJ's

here is Sarah in her new nightgown that I made for her. think she likes it!? :o)

playing catch up!

This is a baby quilt I did for a friends baby shower. Sarah loved it so much she wanted to keep it! I *wont* be making another one!!! I had so much trouble with the binding! Evil genius ended up sewing it on for me! Thanks barb! :o)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stamp Camp Projects

Every month I have a stamp camp where women come and make things with rubber stamps. We have snacks and talk and it's a lot of fun. Here is one of the projects for this month:

These are large magnetic clips.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

To get a job or not...

Earlier this week while at Joann's (my favorite store) :o) I decided to ask for an application. Vonda my Joann friend was *SO* excited!! I originally planned to return the application on Saturday when I attend my next quilt class, but she insisted I fill it out right now! She wanted to add a note to my application telling them how good of a customer I am and that they should hire me. While I was filling out the application and we were talking, her line got kinda long so she took my application. When I got home I realized I didn't fill in some of the info they were asking for. I haven't gotten a phone call yet...I will have to talk to Vonda on Saturday when I go for class! I think it would be so fun to work there!! *and* I bet they offer an employee discount!!! :o)
Hmm.. Could be bad.... lol

Overload II

It has been one of those weeks when the Zoloft just doesn't cut it! lol We have long outgrown our little house and we just cant seem to afford to move right now. Living in one small house we have 5 kids, 4 fish, 3cats, 2 parents and 1 puppy. Plus all the accessories that come with each person/pet. (or are pets people too!?)
My laundry pile continues to multiply! I don't know how it happens, I have been doing laundry all week and the pile just gets bigger! I just cant seem to keep up!
The kids must be aware of my frustration because they are getting good at ignoring me! I tell them what we need to do for the day, they always seem to end up playing instead.
We were given a twin bed for Sarah. Unfortunately two twin beds don't fit into the girls bedroom.. So for now Sarah is in the boys room and Emily has a room to herself. So we have all this extra stuff from the girls room cluttering the hall and the livingroom...What do we do with it all!? We plan to have a garage sale, but we cant seem to get the daily stuff done to work on the garage sale stuff.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


A few weeks ago my dryer hasn’t been too bad hanging the clothes out to dry. I have gotten in the habit of checking the weather to see if it was a good laundry day or not. Today we started cleaning out the bedrooms.....Oreo was pretty comfy sleeping in the huge pile of clothes...... I wonder how many of them were really clean. That Neptune is sounding really good about now…..too bad we cant afford one. :o(

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Birthday Boy!!!

My baby boy turned 1 today!!! Isnt he a cutie!! :o)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Walmart Grand Opening!!

We were all up bright and early this morning to attend the grand opening of our new Wal-Mart store! It was the quickest the kids have gotten out of bed in a long time!!! AND there was no fighting!!! lol We rushed dh off to work so we could get to Wal-Mart in time. (Sorry Scott!) :o> The grand opening was fun; I think the kids enjoyed it. Don’t tell anyone, but they prayed at the opening!! :oO the Mgr of the vision center is a Pr. (not sure what religion) it was a pretty good prayer, nothing wishy washy. They introduced all the managers and talked about the store. Then they invited the mayor of the city to come up to speak. (a little history of this guy.....he is a great mayor. He is not a great public speaker! Last year at the Cub Scout blue and gold banquet he was invited to speak. He hardly said a word about the boys! all he talked about was how great this new shopping center was going to be and we should all shop there....) SO....he gets up to speak and starts off by saying how happy he is to have Kmart..(clears throat, cough-cough) I mean WALMART come to our city. DOH!!!! Needless to say he got boo'd He then promised to purchase all his golf outing supplies at Wal-Mart....they still let him cut the ribbon and everyone rushed into the store. One kid was yelling and his friends were cheering because he made the *first* purchase in the store. lol ! They have a huge fabric dept! I can’t wait to go back *alone* to look at fabric! The marching band played and marched around the store, it was fun. We got free doughnuts and the kids got balloons. The portrait studio was offering free pictures, so Sarah got her pictures taken. Of course the kids wanted to buy everything. Lol! Timmy settled for a hot wheel, Sarah settled for a coloring book Joshua got baby cookies and Jacob got gummy worms. The item I found at Wal-Mart that I couldn’t believe they carried was….TEDDY RUXPIN!!!!!
Ask Scott if you want to know the Teddy Ruxpin story! ;o) So anyway the store is great! It is huge, and much closer than the one we had been going to. Now I suppose I should go do something today…… :o)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tryin the pics...or "pix's"

My Dear Wonderful Magical Magnificent husband somehow got the pictures to load up, so here are the boys in their Jammy-bottoms:

blogger is mad at me...

blogger wont let me upload any pix's, i guess it is mad at me! i will someday post the pix's of the boys in their PJ shorts, and the princess in her nightgown.
As many of you know we got a puppy over the weekend, if you want to see pix of him you have to check out Emily’s blog at blogger obviously is not mad at her.
And to see pix's from Joshua's 1st birthday party you have to go to to see them.
Until then, i guess i better get busy working on Jacobs quilt!

Great news!

Yesterday while out running errands, we decided to stop at Giant Eagle for milk. The boys noticed that the cement walls blocking people from entering the Walmart parking lot had been removed....We decided to drive through the parking lot and check it out! (our first time driving on the new parking lot!) ;o) We noticed a smallish sign that announced the "official opening" of the store. That day happens to be *tomorrow* :oD the boys want to get up at 6am tomorrow so we can be to Walmart by 7am for the grand opening!!! lol~

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Boys new Pj's

I finally finished the boys PJ shorts. I am not sure I am ready to tackle the shirts just yet. They both really like them.

Now if blogger would load the pix's.....

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kids for sale! Cheap!!

They have only been up for an hour and have been fighting like cats and dogs the whole time!! :o/

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Look what I can do!

Today I turned my back for one second and Joshua learned a new trick! He was quite pleased with himself!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Jacob's fabric

this is the fabric Jacob choose for his quilt. I think he did a good job picking fabric. I need to finish Pj's before I start on his quilt...Although I am finding that I prefer quilting to pj making...

Balloon Quilt

This is the pic of the hot air balloon quilt I plan to make. I hope to find out how to make it bigger. This pattern is for a wall hanging.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A sign from above!?

On the way to church we did our usual check of the progress of the new shopping center being built in our neighborhood. They have been building on the edge of the valley. I cried out "I just need a sign!" Scott led us in prayer "Please God (or general contractor) please give us a sign!" On the way home from church our prayers were answered!!!

The sign read STEAK & SHAKE!!!!! :O')

Then we all sang the Te Deum...
"We praise Thee O God...."

Friday, August 04, 2006

My favoite store!

Yesterday when Emily and I were going to the store for milk and bread, i told her to grab her camera she got excited! lol she was disappointed when this is what she took her camera for! lol

This is my new favorite store! :o) And just down the way, a new walmart will be opening in a few short weeks! (my second favorite store...)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Next projects

I have several things in mind for my next quilt. I just can’t decide on what to do next..... I cant decide if i want to start on the hot air balloon quilt that will be a Christmas gift.... . I just happened to find a pattern *and* balloon fabric!

Or start on the quilt that Jacob chose. I can’t wait to take him to look at fabric! Hopefully we will find some fun boy fabric. He said he wanted bionicle fabric....I don’t think Joann’s carries that...

This is the pattern and the fabric for my next class. I had a really hard time choosing the fabric. With the other quilts the fabric needed to match. With this quilt, it is just a mix of different fabric. As you can tell, my fabric still was the best i could do. I am looking forward to the class; although i am just intimidated by the project! It is an appliqué' class, all the flowers and the leaves are sewn and placed on top of the quilt....and we will learn to do this in two classes! :oO

Quilting buddies

These are my two quilting buddies! Cute arent they!